MRK Biokineticst - biokinetics physical rehabilitation support

The WWC provides Vitality Members the opportunity to complete Health, Fitness and Nutrition Assessments at one facility. The WWC hosts a Vitality accredited Nurse, Dietician and Biokineticist at the facility available every Thursday and every second and last Saturday of the month.

Bookings are necessary and can be done through:
Tel: 039 976 2495, or

The purpose of the Corporate Wellness Analysis is to implement healthy lifestyle habits to ensure that all individuals in the workplace can complete their duties as effectively as possible in turn increasing the productivity of a company and reducing absenteeism due to health related issues.

Corporate Wellness


MRK Corporate Wellness programmes promote and support health and fitness as a tool for workplace productivity. MRK Corporate provides health and fitness analysis of a workplace for both small and large groups.

The analysis includes: